Sunday, May 11, 2014

Super Sunday Patio Mix

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there -- biological or not! Enjoy your special day.


I am just back from a short trip to South Beach, Miami where I had a fantastic time. The crowd was crazy, the food fantastic, and the sightseeing tours amazing ...

Back home, I have to adapt to the sight of rolling hills again, imagining the view of the sparkling ocean ... Life can be so hard. Instead of the fresh seaside breeze, I have to make  do with the ceiling fan's breeze. Nevertheless, the music I was listening to this morning at breakfast made the transition to life-as-usual a lot easier.

So here is the Super Sunday Patio Mix

African Music Machine -- Tropical
Richmond Extension -- Everything's Coming Up Love
Rose Royce -- Water
Keni Burke -- Keep On Singing

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Marc said...

Many years ago I visited Miami,Orlando,and a few other spots and states in the USA.
By the way, did you say hello to Betty Wright?

Best wishes,