Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tee Fletcher -- "All Because of You"

Again, there's only the sparsest of information on Thomas"Tee" Fletcher available. He is described as a  "brilliant songwriter" located in the Atlanta area. He spent a short time at Wendell Parker's Shurfine label. (Parker was producing The Mighty Hannibal on Surfine Records and later Josie Records.)
Tee Fletcher has also been writing for local artists as Larry James, the Barons, Richard Marks, and Jimmy Tig.
His vocals were neither highly impressive nor unimpressive, so to speak. And of all the tracks I've heard so far, today's pick is my favorite. For those who love the Northern Soul sound, though, it is worthwhile to check on his other releases. They are, btw., sold for big bucks on Gemm.

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