Monday, July 21, 2014

The Continental Four -- "The Way I Love You Baby"

Just got off the phone with hubby who asked me if I knew a group named Continental something.  He heard them on Sirius Heart and Soul he said and liked their sound. I told him for the umpteenth time to forget about Sirius Radio and listen to my music because I have more and better music than they do ... But husbands never follow their wives' advice.

Well, at least I know what to post today.  I know I have posted the Continental Four before on one of the now retired blogs. It was one of their better known songs" "How Can I Pretend."
Okay, so here we go with true gem. Everything is right in this recording: the vocals, the music, the background ... Just a fine piece of music.

The Continental Four was a quartet that put out some excellent early 70′s music for Jay Walking Records, a subsidiary of the Soulville label. Their trademark was the mellifluous falsetto lead — so characteristic of the era — of Freddy Kelly. Their material represents the Sound of Philadelphia at it’s finest with fine background harmonies and elaborate musical arrangements.


Soultaker said...

This is a great song. I wasn't too familiar with them myself.

You are right about Sirius radio though. I think you and me could have our own station and it would be 100% better than what they would play. LOL

Raggedy said...

True that. I think the kind of enthusiasm about digging out real gems can only be found in the hearts of true music lovers -- not on the playlists of commercial radio stations.