Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Candle For Demis Roussos (1946 - 2015)

Unfortunately, I only heard of Demis's death while I was busy entertainging my guests from the old homeland, Germany. He died January 25. Although, I am late, I would not want to miss saying good bye to him.

Here's your candle , Demis.

I must say, it really, really hurts. Demis, the lead singer of Aphrodite's Child, was one of my early music loves. Actually, the entire group had a huge part in defining my musical taste way back in the early 70's. Back then, I was exploring Europe (music wise). Although  France and Great Britain dominated the scene, there was no way around Greece's Aphrodite's Child. They were considered quite progressive in their approach to rock.

Two of my favorite songs were, and still are, "Rain and Tears" and "End of the World."

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