Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In Memory Of My Mother's Birthday

Today, my mother would have turned 94. How I wish she'd been blessed with a long and healthy life. It wasn't meant to be -- but in my memory she lives on as if she'd never left.

And here's our favorite song -- still makes me smile to remember how she used to call upstairs for me to play the "Woman song." It's one of those tears-in-the-eyes but joy-in-the-heart moments.

Here's Percy serenading my mother.


Marc said...

Your mom will not be forgotten because she will live on within you.

Raggedy said...

Hey Marc! Thanks.
Although we were from two different generations, we did love the same music.

I hope you are doing fine.

Soultaker said...

For all of the great posts you have made over the years, your mother is smiling down on you right now. She would have enjoyed reading everything you have written.