Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sharen Clark -- "I'm Not Afraid Of Love"

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone is alright and enjoying all the great tunes they can find ...

I, for myself, have enjoyed a few beautiful weeks with my niece and her husband from Germany. We spent a lot of time sightseeing in and around San Antonio. And each time I take such excursions with guests I rediscover my love for this part of Texas.

In case you plan a a trip to Texas, try to include a tour through the Hill Country.

Of course, Austin was one of our destinations. We saw a super group play one of the many, many bars and clubs there. They played rock classics -- with a lot of empathy I may say... lol Their bass man was absolutely fantastic. He was a little hyperactive but, dangit, he knew how to produce those thumps ...

The niece and I conducted margarita tastings and decided there was not a single bad margarita to be found in n around San Antonio!  The food too was always great -- unfortunately, it shows on my hips now.

Alright! Now back to blogging about my favorite music.

I've said it again and again. There are way too many excellent singers out there who never received the attention they deserved. One of them is Sharen Clark. She has an impressive voice and without a doubt has mastered the art of singing.

I found her on Sir Shambling's (of course), and her voice as well as delivery reminds me a bit of Linda Jones and Carla Thomas's ... Just listen for yourself.

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