Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Soultaker's Treasure Chest 02-03-2015 The Message Is In The Music

Posted by Soultaker

What seems to be endless snow fall here in the northeast, it's the perfect time for some more music.  But not just music that you get up and dance to or a typical love song.  People forget that a song can be a very powerful tool in getting a message across to the masses.  You have to thank modern day radio for that.  I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir with that.  So instead I will just present you with a new set of tunes that will provide words of meaning and get into your soul.


1.  Beware Of The Man (With The Candy In His Hand) - The Dramatics - Volt

2.   Check Out Your Mind - Maxayn - Capricorn Records

3.  Five On The Black Hand Side - Keisa Brown - United Artists

4.  Our World - Stage IV - Millie Records

5.  Our Generation - Ernie Hines - We Produce

6.  Power To The People - Curtis Mayfield - Curtom

7.  We The People - The Soul Searchers - Sussex

8.  What's The Answer, Brother - Winner's Circle - Casablanca

9.  Patience - Rokk - Tollie Records

10.  I Know Myself - The Sylvers - Pride/MGM

11.  Smiling Faces Sometimes - David Ruffin - Motown

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Raggedy said...

Soultaker! Thanks again.
As always, great music. I have to listen to it in little steps since I have house guests and we are constantly on the go. lol
Old Raggedy feels quite raggedy at the moment ... But we have a lot of fun -- especially the guests who love the Texan sunshine.