Tuesday, April 14, 2015

R.I.P Percy Sledge

This news is so sad, I don't even want to write about it. My very first soul music love, Percy Sledge, just died.
Apparently, he was under hospice care in his home in Baton Rouge. What really surprises me is that there was no mention of his being terminally ill. But maybe that was his and his family's wish.
Forgive me, if I can't write much about Percy ... I am really heartbroken.
I used to smile when I reminisced about his music playing in my room on many balmy spring evenings while a soft breeze played with the curtains on the open window ... Now, I have to fight the tears.

Rest in peace, Mr. Percy Sledge, singer with the cleanest, clearest, purest,  most wonderful tenor that reached into the tiniest crevices of my soul.


Soultaker said...

I was listening to the Rhythm Revue today and Felix played a half hour of Percy Sledge. He had some great songs. I need to get more of his stuff.

Raggedy said...

Hi! Yes, Percy had so much more good, even great songs, than "When A Man Loves Woman." Of course, that song is immortal, but that doesn't mean his other songs don't deserve more attention.