Friday, April 3, 2015

Skip Mahoaney and The Casuals "Funny Moods"

Alright, it's one of those lazy afternoons on the patio. The first mosquitoes are scouting the terrain, and one of my favorite Skip Mahoaney songs has just come up in my playlist. I am quite sure I have posted it before -- but real good music can hardly be overplayed.

I don't like to use mediafire because you actually have to leave this site to listen to uploads from mediafire. But DivShare has something weird going on they call "relaunching" their site. Until the relaunch has been finished ,I cannot acess my account unless I am a paying member ... Neither can the songs be played. I don't like that business attitude at all. Sounds a bit like blackmail.

Okay so here is Skip Mahoaney and his Casuals with "Your Funny Moods"

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