Sunday, June 21, 2015

WRAG Radio Raggedy: Mix It up!

Mix It Up! by Wrag Radio Raggedy on Mixcloud


  1. Intro
  2. 00:12 I Need Your Loving – The Concords
  3. 02:47 My Friends – Dynamics
  4. 05:38 I Believe – Laurel Aitken
    08:21 Jingle
  5. 08:28 So True – King Floyd
  6. 12:25 Devil In A Man – Stu Gardner
  7. 16:40 My Love Is Good For You Baby – Cal Bright
  8. 19:52 Your Love Is All I Need – Chattanooga Coachmen
  9. 22:50 Morning Noon I Cry – Roger and The Ridley Sisters
  10. 26:27 Let Me Be The Man – Fabulous Verbs
  11. 29:13 Jingle
  12. 29:28 Everytime – T-Bone Walker
  13. 31:57 Raining – John Lee Hooker live Bellstar Lounge
  14. 40:54 You Don't Want Me – Earl Hooker
  15. 46:00 Outro


Soultaker said...

Nice to hear another radio show Raggedy. Great Tunes.

Raggedy said...

Thanks Soultaker. I don't get much done lately; hubby is not traveling as much as he used to, and we do a lot of things together. Short weekend trips, for example. We also go out to local clubs -- well it's actually only a few of them -- but better than nothing.
I also have/had a lot of work done in and around the house ...
One of these days, things will be back to normal again.
Take care.

Soultaker said...

No worries, I've had a lot going on myself. I will try to help out when I can.