Friday, November 13, 2015

In Memory of the Victims of the Paris Terror Attack on Nov. 13, 2015

Never would I have imagined I would post the Marseillaise today. I was quite happy today -- out shopping and actually finding what I've been looking for. But how fast happiness can be wiped out, I realized when I sat down at home with a cup of coffee and checked the news.

What an unbelievably barbaric act these uncivilized murderers committed in Paris! I hope and I pray that there will be no mercy shown to anyone involved in committing this atrocious massacre.

My sincere sympathy goes out to the families of the victims, and I hope that all who have been injured will fully recover.

If the French people still believe in the Marseillaise, the terrorists will face some ferocious consequences.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Papa Was A Rolling Stone" -- Some Fails and The Real Deal

Okay, so the chief music scout and I were watching Seal live in New York City ... What a let down. The man has a great voice but no stage presence whatsoever ... In short, he is lame. We gave him a last chance to redeem himself with a classic: The Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." And, what can I say? No pep, no energy, no soul whatsoever. Argh! The music lacked in depth and energy and Seal was just not cutting it. His voice simply lacks in depths and flexibility.

Alright, then we switched to Phil Collins -- which seemed to be a good choice at first. When he started singing, though, we quit, and I had to listen to the original to make things right again.

And now the real stuff ... never mind the pink suits. These guys knew how this song was supposed to sound and "feel."

Yesssss ... nobody does it better!

To sum things up: no matter who you think you are and what you can do -- never ever try to handle on your own a song that was written for a group that consisted of five of the the very best voices.  Any attempt to go solo on such a song will end in a disaster. Such a song needs the different voices and the perfect harmonizing of them ... It's not just a ready-to-wear item -- just as the pink suits weren't.

Temptations forever!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shotgun & The Dynamitos -- Don't Put Off Today


Shotgun & The Dynamitos -- Don't Put Off Today

In Gratitude To Our Veterans

Not to Keep
Robert Frost (1917)
clr gif

They sent him back to her. The letter came
Saying... And she could have him. And before
She could be sure there was no hidden ill
Under the formal writing, he was in her sight,
Living. They gave him back to her alive—
How else? They are not known to send the dead—
And not disfigured visibly. His face?
His hands? She had to look, and ask,
“What was it, dear?” And she had given all
And still she had all—they had—they the lucky!
Wasn’t she glad now? Everything seemed won,
And all the rest for them permissible ease.
She had to ask, “What was it, dear?”
Yet not enough. A bullet through and through,
High in the breast. Nothing but what good care
And medicine and rest, and you a week,
Can cure me of to go again.” The same
Grim giving to do over for them both.
She dared no more than ask him with her eyes
How was it with him for a second trial.
And with his eyes he asked her not to ask.
They had given him back to her, but not to keep.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Robert Cray at The Jo Long Theater, November 7, 2015

Robert Cray and his band were amazing. I loved each minute of the concert: simply phenomenal.
Robert Cray's guitar just cleared the atmosphere of anything that might have bothered me before  attendending the show.

He is blessed not only with an extraordinary talent as a musician but also as a singer, which makes for a unique blend of soul and blues. If he and his band is somewhere near you, you definitely have to go and see them.

Sorry, videos where not allowed ... So no pics or clips.