Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Book of Memories"

How ya'll doing?

I am still/again busy doing all the things that need to be done (well, and also doing things that I really don't have to do). Anyway, I was on the road with Bo (Theo's successor in terms of cars) when Clyde McPhatter's "Book of Memories" came up. And, all I can say is that I forgot the crazy blockheads on the road, and that nerve-wrecking stop and go traffic did not bother me anymore. I listened to the soothing music, the perfect background harmonizing, and Clyde McPhatter's, for the lack of a better expression, heart-felt singing and the world seemed to have stopped its routine spin for some four minutes ...

When I came home, I immediately played Percy Wiggins's version which I love even more. The instrumentation on his recording is less pompous, allowing the deep southern soul feel to "run free'" so to speak.


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