Sunday, June 12, 2016

Soultaker's Treasure Chest 6-12-2016

Posted by Soultaker
I didn't realize until the other day that I have not made a post in almost a year.  As we get older, time really starts to move quicker.  I hope everyone is doing fine in this crazy world we live in. 
I'm just trying to relax on this Sunday afternoon before going back in for another work week.  The best way to do that is with some good music.  Hope everyone enjoys.
1.  You Are What I'm All About - New Birth - RCA
2.  What's Your World - Gloria Ann Taylor - Selector Sound/Luv N' Haight
3.  Whisper - The True Reflection - Atco
4.  The Creeper - Young-Holt Unlimited - Cotillion
5.  Baby's Out Of Sight - Labelle - Warner Bros.
6.  Love Me - The Impressions - Curtom
7.  Tellin You - Maxayn - Capricorn Records
8.  Funky Luvah - Creative Source - Polydor
9. Check It All Out - Black Heat - Atlantic
10 . Fish Ain't Bitin - Lamont Dozier - ABC
11.  He Said Goodbye - Eleanore Mills - Astroscope/Soul Brother Records




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Raggedy said...

Great post as always. Not a single dull minute ... Love it!