Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ruff Endz, Anthony Hamilton, Usher: New Kids On My Block(g)

Every Now and then, there's a new artist that catches my attention (as J. Rocc, for example.) Two of these artists are Ruff Endz and Anthony Hamilton -- although they actually are not new anymore. But I guess for someone like me who's stuck in the 60's and 70' they are kind of brand-new ... lol

Do You Feel Me by Anthony Hamilton. I've heard Anthony the first time in the Denzel Washington Movie American Gangster, and ever since, I love his voice.

Usher's Burn is just such a beautiful song! 

Do You Feel Me Anthony Hamilton

Ruff Endz Someone To Love You was posted in one of those "What-Are-You-Listening-To-Right-Now" threads on some forum. My reaction to it? The duo came, sang, and conquered. That's all I can say ...

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