Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Candle For Dennis Edwards

Another sad day. Sad enough, actually, for me to interrupt my “retirement” from blogging. Dennis Edwards is dead. Dennis Edwards, the Temptations’ lead singer with the most powerful voice, has passed.

There are so many well known songs he sang with and without the Tempts — and sang fantastically — but one of my all time favorites by him is from his solo album “Don’t Look Any Further.” Unfortunately, the instrumentation is, to be honest, pathetic. But Dennis’ voice makes up for all the shortcomings of a cheap production.

So, here’s my favorite Dennis Edwards song to say good-bye to one great singer whose voice brought so much joy to so many of us.

Thanks, Dennis! Rest in peace.


Soultaker said...

Nice tribute Raggedy. I agree with the production, but it was the 80's after all. All the real voices of the Temps are gone now.

Raggedy said...

Hey! I am glad you stopped by. I just loved his voice — and Dennis as a person. I never met him, but everyone who knew him says he was a great person.

Soultaker said...

I've heard the same thing. Nothing but a class act. Hope everything is well with you and yours.