Sunday, October 20, 2013

John Edwards -- "Walls That Separate Our Love"

This heart-wrenching favorite song of mine came up in my car the other day when I was driving (or rather creeping) on IH 10. Of course, I turned the volume uppppp and told myself I had to post it asap on SOTS. And besides John Edwards' exceptionally beautiful, pleading rendition the base line struck me as worthwhile mentioning. Just listen.
While I researched the artist and the song, of course, I found another recording of this title by no one else than the great Walter Jackson. Very good also.
John Edwards was a member of the Spinners from 1977 - 2000. He left the group after suffering a stroke.

"Walls That Separate Our Love" is a rare gem.
My other post about this artist here and go here for a discography and short bio.

Today's pick (available on the KENT release Good Guys Don't Always Win 

And here the version by the great Walter Jackson

More John Edwards

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