Thursday, November 7, 2013

Archie Bell and The Drells -- "I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love"

A few days ago, I've posted a song to relax to. Today I feel it's about time to do some serious dancing. Not necessarily "on the ceiling,"though. Try the kitchen floor or the shower stall instead. Then again -- it might work on the ceiling, too.

I also had a good laugh reading the review section dedicated to today's pick at allmusic's:

"The instrumental and textural confusion that is "I Can't Get Enough of Your Love" (not Barry White's) is a case in point: a honky tonk/R&B piano sidles up next to a swelling string section, a thumping bassline that may or not be a synthed one, soul singing background vocalists, and swelling verses, punctuated by horns and layered with keyboards -- what a mess! " 
(Should have been signed  Sourpuss )

Today's pick is from the 1979 album "Strategy" (PIR). Get the album here.

Here's an interview with Archie Bell on The Charles Snider Show. I couldn't agree more with him about today's music. And, of course, he's from Texas ... 

Archie Bell on Charles Snider Show by csshow

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Raggedy said...

Hey! This is the greatest song to exercise to. Went straight to my playlist ... Makes you wanna move forecver!