Monday, November 4, 2013

WRAG-Radio Raggedy: Getting You Out Of The November Dumps!

I used to hate the month of November. Especially back  in Germany. Thirty days of dejection -- that was November.  Long hours of darkness, rain, drizzle and cold.  And then there were all the sad holidays: All Saints day,  Repentance and Prayer day,  Memorial day.

Nature seemed to be in a deep coma: The  trees were stripped of anything green, the sky stripped of anything blue ... Argh! No wonder I found myself in the dumps each and every November.
Gloom and doom were the words of the month.

Now that I live in sunny Texas, things have changed. The roses are still blooming, the tress are still green, and the sky is still wearing Texas blue. I truly appreciate the difference. But I also remember the way things were and according to my friends' reports still are.

So, here's a post that's supposed to alleviate the November pains for all those who have to live through the month of gloom.

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