Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jerry Butler and Debrah Henley – "Don’t Be Like An Island"

I admit I have been too busy doing other things lately and have neglected the blog. On the other hand, there are so many other interests I pursue -- writing, for example. At the moment I am editing a few short stories that have been lurking in the dark, waiting to be finished.

So little time, so much to do.

One thing, however, is for sure. I will not be like an island and shut all the beauty that surrounds me out of my life ... I'll soak everything in that makes life worth living.

Today's pick is just right for the time of the year when we usually reflect on what we have done with the past 365 days of our lives. I must say, I feel like I have spent them well by keeping close to the people that matter most to me. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Candle For Joe Cocker (May 20, 1944 - Dec. 22, 2014)

When I first heard that Joe Cocker had passed, I said to my husband, "It was a miracle he got that old ..." Joe's life had been as raw as his singing: the demons drug and alcohol took their toll, times and musical tastes chanveg -- yet he survived and still gave us more of his passionate singing.

Here now is the candle for Joe. Gosh, it really hurts to let him go -- and with him a part of the history he (and we all) were part of.

Rest in peace, Joe! There will be many hearts heavy with wonderful memories of your music this Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Merry Christmas!

(Jimi Hendrix, Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Don Covay -- "The House Of The Blue Lights"

I am a huge fan of Don Covay's music ... As a matter of fact, I believe he is both one of the most versatile and accomplished R&B artists ever. Way underrated, of course.
A while ago I posted a Don Covay Special with a few of my favorite songs by him.
Today's pick is from the homonymous Atlantic Records releasefrom 1969.
The album was a collaboration with the Jefferson Lemon Blues Band that showcased Covay's talent in the field of blues and rock.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Formations -- "Don't Get Close"

The Formations is one of the many luckless groups who always seemed to be a heartbeat away from the breakthrough that would bring them the success they deserved.

For a short bio, please visit the allmusic site here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Floyd Henley -- "Believe In Me"

"Believe In Me", written by Gamble and Huff, is a recording of the MFSB orchestra before they were known under that name. It was released in 1968 -- MFSB began to record for Philadelphia International in the early 70's -- and there is no doubt about this being the sound of Philaedelphia (TSOP).
Not much is known about the singer, however.