Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Tymes -- "Sha la Bandit"

The only attribute befitting this song would be "flawlessly beautiful" singing.

The Tymes started out in 1956 in Philadelphia. Back then, they called themselves the Latineers. The Latineers , as so many gifted teenage vocalists, began singing at street corners before spending several years on the Philadelphia club circuit.

When, in 1960, Donald Banks, Albert Berry, Norman Burnett, and George Hilliard added their new lead vocalist, George Williams, they changed their name to The Tymes.
They also performed under the name Billy Abbott and The Jewels.

"The Tymes had hits in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s with songs such as "So Much in Love", a US chart topper and million-seller in 1963,[3] "Wonderful Wonderful", a remake of the Johnny Mathis classic hit from 1957, "Somewhere", "You Little Trustmaker" and "Ms Grace". The last of these became the group's biggest UK hit, reaching Number One in the UK Singles Chart in 1975,[3] but barely dented the Billboard Hot 100 after the success of "So Much in Love". "Ms Grace", while only charting modestly in the US, was and remains a regional hit with the Carolina Beach Music scene."       (Wiki)

Aretha Franklin, DeloresHall, and Sandra Wright released some great versions of the song.

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Gault Ikhan said...

In 1974, The Supremes(Mary Wilson, Scherrie Payne & Cindy Birdsong) also recorded a great version of Sha La