Monday, January 19, 2015

Lee Moses -- "If Loving You Is A Crime"

Lee Moses was born on March 13, 1941 in Atlanta. His first band, The Showstoppers, founded in the 50's, once was the house band at the historical Royal Peacock club in Atlanta. (For some interesting info on the Royal Peacock, please visit this site.)

Although Lee Moses never scored big during his active years, the 60's and 70's, his raspy, gritty voice later made him a venerated singer of the deep soul genre. As a guitarist, he based his style on the funky kind of his contemporary Jimi Hendrix. 

In the sixties he moved to New York where he worked as a session musician. Together with John Brantley he wrote his first and best known single there in 1965, "My Adorable One."

"In 1967 he recorded three singles – all commercially unsuccessful – for the Musicor label, including Bad Girl and an instrumental version of The Four Tops' Reach Out, I'll Be There.  The French director Bonello chose Bad Girl for the soundtrack of the movie House of Tolerance (2011.) Lee Moses also recorded a version of Dark End of the Street, issued by Gates Records probably in 1969. (Wiki)

In 1970, he released the LP "Time And Place" which has become a highly acclaimed item among deep soul fans. "The album featured several members of The Ohio Players, as well as Moses' own band, the Deciples (sic)." (Wiki)  Back in the day, however, it failed commercially. 

Lee Moses returned to Atlanta in the early 1970s where he kept performing locally. He did , however, not  record again. He died there in 1997.

An anthology of his recordings was issued in 2007 by Castle Music with the title Time and Place.

Also, the French director Bonello chose his song "Bad Girl" for the soundtrack of the movie House of Tolerance released in 2011.

Lee Moses

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