Saturday, July 9, 2016

Soultaker's Treasure Chest 07-09-2016

Posted by Soultaker
Summer time, which means it's time for me to stay indoors like a hermit and avoid the heat.  Lucky for me I have my vinyl and some drinks.  It's also good for not only avoiding the heat but also the madness that this world has with all the senseless deaths going on.  But I will keep my focus on the music.
1.  Sumpin Heavy - The Boys In The Band - Spring
2. Garden Of Four Trees - Explosions - Gold Cup
3.  I've Been There - James Sellers - Tri-Spin Records
4.  Big Ladies Man - The People's Choice - Phil-L.A. Of Soul
5.  Leave My Man Alone - The Raeletts - Tangerine Records
6.  Gimme That Sammich - Charles Wright - ABC Dunhill
7.  I Want To Be In The Land Of Milk And Honey - Vicki Anderson - King
8.  The Preacher And The Bear - Rufus Thomas - Stax
9. Go Home To Your Wife - Norma Jenkins - Alithia Records
10. Mississippi Foxhole - Midnight Movers Unltd. - Buddah Records
11.  Mama Loves Her Children All The Time - Dorothy Norwood - GRC
12.  Are You Man Enough - Four Tops - ABC Dunhill
13. Don't Thank Me Baby, Thank Yourself - Betty Wright - Alston
14. Try Me Tonight - Johnnie Taylor - Stax
By the way, head over and visit Flea Market Funk and give my man DJ Prestige a shout.  He recently did a post featuring myself talking about what motivates you to buy vinyl.  Much props to DJ Prestige and thanks for the feature.

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Raggedy said...

Amazing collection of pure soul music. I am listening while sipping on an ice cold Mangogrigio and preparing dinner ...
Thanks and big hugs to Mr. Soul.