Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Trip To Memphis ...

... reminded me of the good old days when I called myself an avid music blogger. First, I must admit that sometimes things just happen because they are supposed to happen. Hubby and I actually wanted to go to Charleston, SC -- but bad weather kept us from going.  So, Memphis was the next best destination that sprung to mind.
And what a great time we had ... Music all over the place, although I suspect that the Beale Street bands actually were not what the locals have in mind when they talk about listening to the Blues.

Of course, we visited the STAX museum where I exhausted my camera's battery. So the pics from the Civil Rights museum turned out to be of a lousy quality. A crying shame.

I probably don't have to tell you that yours old Raggedy was in music heaven. (Hubby was very patient and waited for me while I was wandering around, lost in and soaking up the atmosphere of the place.)

Most info, however, wasn't really new to me because I've already read "Soulsville U.S.A. The Story of STAX RECORDS" by Rob Bowman.

And all the time I was thinking about my blog ... If I still were blogging, I would ... My heart was aching, my fingers twitching.
So, what the heck, I still have the skeleton of Sounds of the Soul on Blogger, I thought. And voilĂ ! Here we go. 

Here's a sampler of Stax songs I called Raw, Pure, Ingenious: The Soul of STAX


rodgerlee said...

hi Inge...welcome back...!!

Raggedy said...

Rodger! You're the first one to welcome me back. Thanks.